Family Planning Funding Programs

If you are concerned about your ability to pay for services, you may be eligible for a financial aid program that provides free or very low cost services.

 Funding Programs:

We offer programs can help pay some or all of the cost of your services. Our clinic staff can check your eligibility, help you apply, and provide you with services all on the same day.

We screen first for eligibility with the Healthy Texas Women program. Healthy Texas Women provides services at no cost to females who:

  • Are Age 15 to 44 years old (15-17 years olds must have their parent apply for them)
  • Are U.S. citizens or legal immigrants
  • Are living in Texas
  • Don’t have health insurance
  • Are not pregnant.
  • Make less than the monthly family income limits:

Income Eligibility for Healthy Texas Women                 

Household Size   Monthly Maximum
1 $2,023
2 $2,743
3 $3,463
4 $4,183
5 $4.903
6 $5,623

The Texas Family Planning Program is for males and females who:

  • Live in Texas,
  • Are age 64 and younger, and
  • Have income up to:

 Income Eligibility for Texas Family Planning Program

  Household Size Monthly Maximum Family Income
1 $2,529
2 $3,429
3 $4,329
4 $5,229
5 $6,129
6 $7,029

To apply for a program, please bring these documents with you to your clinic appointment:

  1. Proof of Household Income – Bring all you have:
  • Family member’s Children’s Medicaid card, with date of enrollment
  • WIC, TANF or Food Stamp approval letter, dated
  • 2 paystubs within 60 days
  • Form H1028: Employment verification completed by employer.
  • Award notice, letter, or written statements from Social Security Administration


  1. Texas Driver’s License, Texas ID card, work or school ID card with photo


  1. Proof of U.S. citizenship (if you are a citizen; citizenship is not required)
    •  U.S. passport
    •  U.S. passport card
    •  U.S. birth certificate
    • Certificate of naturalization
    • Religious record of birth with date and place of birth, such as baptism record

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