We provide programs to educate people about healthy sexuality and healthy life habits. Contact us about setting up a session for your group.


We offer presentations for small and large groups in homes, community centers, schools, faith-based centers, and social service agencies.

Presentation Topics

  • Access Esperanza Clinics’ services
  • Family Planning, including birth control and abstinence
  • STD/STI prevention and testing
  • Women’s sexual health care
  • Men’s sexual health care
  • Breast Health
  • Family communication- How to talk with your kids about sex
  • Growing Up and Puberty for Boys and Girls

Peer Education and Outreach

Our award-winning Entre Nosotros Outreach Project is one of the oldest reproductive health peer education projects in the U.S. Our promotoras (promoters of health) work with peers in low-income neighborhoods and colleges to teach people how to prevent unplanned pregnancies and stay healthy.

Promotoras do door-to-door outreach, give small group “platicas” (talks), and work as client advocate in our health clinics. They also participate in dozens of community health fairs each year to promote family planning and Access Esperanza Clinics’ services.

Family Communication Workshops

We bring families together to encourage healthy life habits for children and teens. Our 3-hour workshops cover age appropriate information on anatomy, hygiene, family communication, healthy habits, and decision- making. Teen sessions also include the basics on birth control and STD prevention and testing.

Resource Center

We offer sexual health education materials to review or checkout. Contact us about our available brochures and curricula or visit one of our offices. Find locations and hours of operation here.

We have tables at dozens of health fairs and special events each year.

Our family communication workshops bring families together to discuss healthy lifestyles.

Promotoras reach thousands of people each year in door-to-door outreach and small group sessions.

At Access Esperanza Clinics, we offer opportunities and hope for people to plan their futures and stay healthy. You can count on us for quality, affordable, and confidential care at all of our Health Clinics.

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You may qualify for free or low-cost services 

If you are concerned about your ability to pay for services, you may qualify for one of our programs that would pay all or most of your services. Each program has its own set of eligibility. Our clinic staff can check your eligibility, help you apply, and provide you with services all on the same day.

We offer programs that can help pay some or all of the cost of your family planning and preventive health services. Our clinic staff can check your eligibility, help you apply, and provide you with services all on the same day. Programs are for female and male adults and teens in their reproductive years. Eligibility is based on your age, household income (you and, if married, your spouse), and family size. Some programs have additional eligibility requirements. You do not have to be a U.S. citizen or have legal residency to qualify. 

To apply for for a funding program, please bring the following documents with you when you come to our clinic: 

  1. Proof of Household Income – Bring any/all you have:
  • Family member’s Children’s Medicaid card, with date of enrollment
  • WIC, TANF or Food Stamp approval letter, dated
  • 2 paystubs within 60 days
  • FAFSA (student federal aid application)
  • Award notice, letter, or written statements from Social Security Administration
  • Form H1028: Employment verification (to be completed by your employer)


  • Photo ID- Texas Driver’s License, Texas ID card, work or school ID card with photo


If you are an adult female and a U.S. citizen or Permanent U.S. Resident, also bring

  •  U.S. birth certificate, passport, passport card
  • Certificate of U.S. naturalization
  • Religious record of birth with date and place of birth, such as baptism record
  •  I-551 card (permanent resident card)
  • Social Security Cards for you, your spouse, and your children 

Household Income (You and Your Spouse) to Qualify for Free Services               

Household Size   Monthly Maximum
1 $2,603
2 $3,523
3 $4,444
4 $5,365
5 $6,286
6 $7,207