Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM)

Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM)

Lactational amenorrhea is medical speak for when a woman who breastfeeds consistently after giving birth doesn’t ovulate. This method can be 98% effective at preventing pregnancy IF… 1) It has been less than six months since the baby was born; 2) The baby is only nursing (that means no formula, bottles, or food); AND 3) Your period has not started again. If you aren’t exclusively nursing your baby, you can ovulate as soon as three weeks after giving birth!




How LAM Works:
• When a woman breastfeeds, there are hormones in her body that prevent the egg from leaving the ovary.
• Changes lining of uterus so that a fertilized egg may not implant.

LAM Works Only If
• You breastfeed your baby and do not give baby any other food, formula or drinks.
• You breastfeed your baby every 4 to 6 hours day and night, no exceptions. LAM may not work as well if you give your baby a pacifier.
• You have not started your monthly period since your baby was born.
• Your baby is younger than 6 months.

LAM Does Not Work If:
• You pump the milk instead of breastfeeding.
• Your baby is older than 6 months.
• You have started your period since your baby was born.
• You give your baby any other food, formula or drinks.

• Do not have to visit clinic for birth control.
• Does not interrupt sex.
• Breastfeeding is good for mother and baby. Helps keep baby healthy.
• Can be used with some other methods including condoms, spermicides, IUD, Depo-provera, mini-pills, Norplant, natural family planning, and sterilization.

Possible Problems or Disadvantages:
• No protection from STls and HIV/AIDS.
• May not work if you have sudden schedule changes.
• May not work if mother and baby are separated a lot.
• Must be ready to use another method when LAM will not work.
• Cervical caps and sponges do not work as well as they did before baby was born.
• Mother may have less milk if using birth control methods that have estrogen.

How Well Does It Prevent Pregnancy?
If used perfectly, 2 out of 100 women get pregnant in a year while using the LAM method.

birth control methods

  • Abstinence
  • Fertility Awareness
  • Withdrawal (“Pulling Out”)
  • Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM)

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