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“I just got my exam and birth control and wanted to say thank you. I don’t have health insurance, and I’m grateful for your clinic and the low-cost services at Access Esperanza Clinics.
My husband works hard mowing lawns and doing yard work. I’m studying for my GED, and I plan to go to school for my nursing assistant certificate. I want a better job to help out our family. My studies and helping my son do well in school are the most important things to me right now. Education and good health are how we can make our lives better.” –Rosa”

“I’m a stay at home mom and a college student. Our daughter is still a baby, and we want to space our family and concentrate on her first. Getting a reliable birth control method is very important, and Access Esperanza offers many different methods. When we were ready to start our family, we had our first baby, and I don’t want to get pregnant again until we are ready. I also come to the clinic because cancer runs in my family. My aunt is a cancer survivor. -Stephanie
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“I hold two jobs working for a city and in sales. I’ve been a patient at the clinic over four years because I want to be healthy and be there for my family for many more years to come. When my wife and I were ready to start a family, I came in for screenings to make sure I was healthy. This is the only place we go for family planning and cancer screenings, because they take good care of you, and it’s affordable.”-Marco
“When I came to the clinic and learned about the services you provide, I found hope again.My husband works long hours to provide for our family. I take care of my kids, helping with their schoolwork and other activities they are involved in.
I got scared after a friend of mine died of breast cancer. She suffered for a year, but the cancer was too far along, and she didn’t make it. I decided then make sure I get regular exams to stay healthy and to be here for my family. Without me, I don’t know how they would take care of themselves.” – Maria
I worry about my health, because breast cancer runs in my family. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer eight years ago and is a cancer survivor. I found out about Access Esperanza Clinics and was so happy to learn that it was affordable. It’s the only place I come to for family planning and cancer screenings. I work at a local snack bar and take services cards with me to place at our counter. The women in our area need to know there is a place they can come for family planning and cancer screenings. I feel so grateful and I am very pleased with Access Esperanza Clinics.”
“My health is very important for my family. My children are young, and I want to be around to see them grow up to be healthy and get a good education. My husband does yard work and works in a factory up north, depending on the season. We aren’t ready to have more children right now, so it’s important for me to use birth control.
My mother is a cancer survivor, and she encourages me to keep up with my screenings for my family’s sake. Early detection saved her life and if there is a possibility that I have cancer, I want to make sure I catch it on time. Access Esperanza is the only place I go to get quality, affordable health care.” -Alejandra
“Annual exams are important because I want to stay healthy and be there for my family. My husband is a roofer and finds work where he can. Sometimes, he works very late to make sure he gets enough hours in for the week. We live paycheck to paycheck, so I’m looking for a job too.
I began feeling pain in my abdomen a few months ago. I am just not feeling well, so I came to the Access Esperanza clinic to find out more. I worry what would happen to my family if I got really sick. They depend on me and I can’t imagine what life would be like if I wasn’t around.” –Erika
“My husband and I only planned for two children, but I was one of the people who lost services a few years ago with the family planning budget cuts. I wasn’t able to get birth control, and I got pregnant. I love my baby, but it’s been hard financially.
Since the clinic reopened, I’ve been able to get my annual exam and birth control again. The staff are great. They are really helpful and caring.” -Edna