Cost, Appointments, and Privacy

How do you charge for your services?

Our fees are usually about half the cost of a doctor’s office or pharmacy. We carry most major health insurance plans. If your visit is preventive (no problems), you should not have to pay an insurance co-pay.


Many of our patients qualify for a funding program, such as the Texas Women’s Health Program or other state or federal health program. For those who do, their services are usually free or very low cost. Learn more about apply for a funding program here.

Are the services at Access Esperanza Clinics free?

People who qualify for a funding program may receive some or all of their services for free. Services that are not free are low-cost. Learn more about apply for a funding program here.

Can I be seen today?

Your visit may be shorter if you make an appointment in advance, but we do accept some walk-ins. Walk-ins are taken until 2 hours before closing. You may call your clinic’s direct line to see if you can be seen that day. Click here for our clinic phone numbers.

How can I make an appointment?

Call 956-688-3700 for an appointment at any of our clinics or call your clinic directly:

McAllen: 956-686-6671

Edinburg: 956-383-5082

Mission: 956-585-4575

Weslaco: 956-585-4575

If the schedule allows, we can make same day appointments. It should take a week or less for an appointment.

Can I get birth control without my parents or my partner knowing?

Yes. All services are confidential as required by federal regulations. Parents or partners are not informed of any services you receive from our clinics. We do encourage you to discuss your clinic visit and health care with your parents, who love you and care about your health.

Are services confidential?

Yes. We won’t tell anyone about your services or that you are even our patient. If you need test results, we will not give them to your parents or partner.

Do my parents have to be with me at my appointment?

No. You are the patient. Services are confidential. Parents are welcome. It is your decision.


Can I get an STD from having oral sex?

Yes, you can. Condoms can be used with oral sex to prevent STDs.

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How often should I get STD testing?

There are different types of STD and each has a different test. You should wait several weeks after you think you might have been exposed before getting most STD tests. Check out our section about STDs for more information.

Can I walk in for an STD test?

It is best to schedule an appointment since there are certain times when clinicians are available at each clinic. Call us at 956-688-3700 for an appointment.

How can I get HPV if I use a condom?

You get HPV by genital skin-to-skin contact with someone who has it. Condoms are good at preventing HPV, but as they don’t not cover all the skin, infection may still be possible.

How do I get STDs?

You get STDs by having sexual contact with someone that has an STD. A person may not know they have an STD and pass it on to you.

Birth Control for Men and Women / Pregnancy

Can I get a pregnancy test if I am not a patient?

No, but it’s easy to become a patient. Just come to one of our clinics and fill out our patient questionnaire and health history. We make our process as simple as possible to help you get the testing you need. If you have difficulty paying for services and want to apply for free services, you will also need to bring documents with you to apply. Learn about the documents you need to apply for a funding program here.

Do I have to have a physical exam to get birth control?

No. You do have to complete our patient questionnaire and health history forms and have us take your vitals (blood pressure, weight, pulse), but you don’t have to have a physical exam for to get many birth control methods, including the pill, patch, ring, shot, or condoms. We will encourage you to get a physical exam to check your overall health, but it is not required.

Can I get birth control pills or the shot at the clinic?

Yes. We provide birth control methods at all of our clinics. You can get up to a year of birth control pills at a time.

How long after I stop taking birth control can I get pregnant?

This really depends on the type of birth control you have been using. There are hormonal methods- the pill, patch, and ring- that allow you to get pregnant as soon as you stop using them. With other methods, it might take 3-6 or even 12 months after you stop using them before you could get pregnant.

Can I get pregnant while I’m on my period?

Yes, but it’s less likely. Pregnancy can occur right after you ovulate, which typically happens mid-cycle.

Is there birth control for men?

Yes. Men can use condoms to prevent pregnancy and STDs or get a vasectomy for permanent birth control. Withdrawal (pulling out) is a free but risky method.

Can birth control shot make me sterile?

No, but it may take 12 months to achieve a pregnancy after being on the birth control shot.

Should I take a break sometimes from using the pill?

If you are healthy, there is no medical benefit from temporarily stopping the birth control pill, unless you want to become pregnant.

No matter how long you’ve taken the birth control pill, it’s just as effective as it was the day you started. You don’t need to increase your dosage. Your body won’t “get used” to it, making it less effective. The pill contains hormones like the ones your body makes naturally.

Will an IUD cause damage and prevent me from having children in the future?

It is very unlikely. IUD’s are very safe and very effective at preventing unplanned pregnancies.

If you have a question that you don’t see here, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are available to answer any questions about our services you may have. You can find our contact information by clicking here.